Termination of Membership

By majority vote the Board of Directors may terminate the membership of any member who, in the judgment of the Board of Directors, fails to comply with the Bylaws of this Association or violates any of the following conditions:

  • by their actions cast adverse reflection on this Chapter, or otherwise violate this Chapter's code of ethics;

  • fails to pay their chapter dues by the deadline;

  • conducts or whose guest conducts unwanted solicitation of business at any function of the association.

No member shall actively solicit business from any other member at Association meetings, via use of the directory or through the use of information provided to him/her as a member of the chapter without the approval from the Board of Directors.

All members and guests are expected to conduct themselves at meetings in a professional manner upholding the purposes of the chapter. Therefore, the solicitation of free advice or business sales is strictly forbidden during chapter meetings and social periods.